After Klopp

After KloppBorussia Dortmund's Ilkay Gundogan has refused to renew the contract with Borussia, and it means that with high probability he will leave Dortmund this summer. Our website thinks в where the German midfielder? In Munich, in Albion or in a new team of Klopp?Klopp in the summer will move to a new job, and although it is not clear where would be a German specialist, you need to put that on his list of transfer requirements for new employers definitely will be a line dedicated to Gundogan. Jurgen is a very decent man, and he will not encourage a rich club that will get to the redeemed soul Borussia Dortmund, and in the case of will Elkem a decision made by the player. We can say even more в a good offer for the midfielder will appreciate the "Dortmund", because the "yellow-blacks can't afford a repetition of the situation with Lewandowski, when one of the leaders goes free agent. Gundogan, who has a valid contract until the summer of 2016 year, need to sell and sell immediately, gave to rent Mohamed Salah until there is a demand, and he is healthy.Talented midfielder because of the sores are almost completely missed all of last season, has not played in the world Cup and spent part of the current campaign to gain playing condition. In "Borussia" even showed a dependence on Gundogan and its forms, because this guy knows how to play the game in midfield в as if he "fills" a required area, positional flair gave to rent Mohamed Salah makes a big nerd, in addition, it is amazingly moving the ball, helping the team to stay in motion. Читать полностью -->

Discussion of academics

Discussion of academicsApproach Juventus and Monaco" - a bet on the outcome, can be called boring, but opponents prefer other definitions, Recalling severity. Our site, recognizing the insidiousness of the lot, which created such a couple, preparing for a difficult game.The change of the agesOnce upon a time played in the semi-finals of the Champions League: Juventus Lippi in the first home match broke "Monaco" Tegan with a hat-trick of Del Piero with the score 4:1, and although in the second round, the Italians lost 2:3, with one of the goals was scored future forward "Bianconeri" Thierry Henry, the Old lady went on. In the final, Juve lost to the "real" Term, and it was the penultimate final of the Champions League for the famous Italian club's last defeat at this level. While Juventus has reached critical stages, the final attempt Monaco even fresher, because under the guidance of former player and coach of the Italians Deschamps club from League 1 has been to the finals, where they lost to Jose Mourinho and Porto. Having met after so many years, both teams hope to return to the top four, and although formally Juventus are the favourites, Allegri and Jardim in one voice remind about respect. And rightly so, because the rivals, differing class performers, fashioned in a similar style. Читать полностью -->

From Di Stefano to Llorente

From Di Stefano to LlorenteJuventus and real Madrid will hold the 17th and 18th of match in the fight for the Champions Cup, and Our website offers to remember the previous history of the rivalry between Juventus and real Madrid, with a long of 53.Cup Champions 1961/62, the quarter-finalsJuventus - Real Madrid - 0:1 (Di Stefano, 79)Real Madrid - Juventus - 0:1 (Sivori, 38)Real Madrid - Juventus 3:1 (Felo, 1, Del Sol, 65, Tejada, 82 Sivori, 33)First meeting of the teams from Madrid and Turin turned out to be memorable. In the quarterfinal battle between these teams was missing and skirmishes and intrigue, and, in fact, the matches themselves, because the opponents at this stage had to spend three whole match instead of the two planned. In the first one в on Italian soil, the guests from Madrid were able to create a seemingly comfortable lead, thanks to Alfredo Di Stefano, who scored the only goal at the Stadio Comunale", which we now know as "Olympia".But in Turin "the deck" was his "Joker" with Argentine roots в Omar Sivori scored the winner against Juventus in a crowded "Bernabeu", shocking 130 thousand fans of "creamy" and moving the showdown between the quarterfinalists on neutral territory.In the then regulations have not provided any additional time or a series of 11-meter, so the teams a week after the Madrid match I had to move to Paris and play a crucial 90 minutes. And here already on Argentine magic "Juventus" in "kings" was a purely Spanish answer. And thrice.The Champions Cup 1986/87, 1/8 finalsReal Madrid - Juventus 1:0 (ButragueГ±o, 20)Juventus - real Madrid - 1:0 (Cabrini, 9); in a penalty shootout в 1:3A quarter century later, the teams again fate had, however, already at an earlier stage KETCH, but "the rules of the game remained similar в more than one goal per match not to score! However, this time the teams exchanged not away and home victories, and the "UEFA laws" were no longer allowed to go to Paris and not play for the third time. The fate into the quarterfinals found in a penalty shootout, which was won by real Madrid and goalkeeper Paco Classic.The Champions League 1995/96, the quarter-finalsReal Madrid - Juventus 1:0 (Raul, 20)Juventus - Real Madrid 2:0 (Del Piero, 17, Padovano, 54)The pause between the new Dating Juventus and real Madrid were reduced. Читать полностью -->


IndecisiveSometimes I look into the eyes of the person and immediately see is that he's indecisive. Fernando Torres is indecisive, he had good reason not to torture yourself in England, but only now retiring. Our site welcomes the transition of the Spaniard in Milan.Worn phrase about the ship, which floats, as it was called, fits in this case perfectly. His nickname "El niГ±o" means "the Boy", and adults to solve their problems Fernando until the end failed. At Chelsea he acted not as bright as he was expected, did not become the leader of the level of Drogba, was not effective, as in "Liverpool". Why he tortured? The reason is that the family was comfortable in London? Perhaps, after all, hardly the point of money - the player who has won literally everything, for which he paid a record 50 million pounds, before moving to Chelsea earned enough for a luxurious life. Читать полностью -->

Unlucky Stevan

Unlucky StevanMan city clearly outlined nearest candidate "exit", the deletion of Stevan JovetiД‡ of applications for the Champions League, to make room for Wilfried Bony. Our website talks about the fate of the Montenegrin striker, whose days in Manchester are numbered.We must admit that for a year and a half in the "urban" jovetiД‡ was not able to play, even if relative indicators he's not the most deplorable в 11 goals in 35 matches. Seriously prevented the injury, but on exposure to any kind of damage knew when he acquired the Montenegrin from Fiorentina for a respectable 28 million euros. First season in England was crumpled because of the constant "challenges" in the infirmary, a debut goal for Manchester city was held only at the end of January, and in the summer Stevan could return to Serie a, where they were actively interested in Roma and Juventus. But you ought to happen в start the new campaign is quite convincing, jovetiД‡ played his best match for man city against Liverpool, having issued a double, and Pellegrini decided to give the striker another chance. But before the transfer window closed, as everything returned to normal: minor injuries with a frequency of once a month, trying to get in shape between treatments and rare quality matches, usually against "Sunderland". Читать полностью -->

House of cards

House of cardsPerez was interested in buying Rodriguez and sale of Di Maria, but the following statements about Ronaldo transfer company of the club was given that James needed a coach, and angel asked for it. Our website wonder where the dog is buried?To find eternal iron logic in the decisions of the head of the "real" enough to disassemble the transition of Gamesa. The arrival of Rodriguez cost real Madrid in eighty million euros, but in ten days it sold 500 thousand club t-shirts with his name. The leaders of the club were able to record in their accounts € 10 million - 20% of proceeds for these shirts money, the case was still before the first match of the Colombian new club! The eighth part of the money spent on transfer amounts recaptured during the week with a tail, but that's not all - personally Perez after such a transition will have much more. The fact that Florentino is the owner of a construction company, which is in parallel with the talks of real Madrid from Monaco led its negotiations with the Colombian government. The Spaniards wanted to build in South America highway with bridges and tunnels - project cost of 692 million euros, and was going to elevate water arteries thence major rivers - yet 945 million euros. Читать полностью -->

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